Permanent Staffing

Hiring permanent staffing is a critical decision. It requires careful understanding of your requirements, and hiring the right candidate to fit the job considering the task is serious and a long term commitment. Not doing due diligence through the process may increase administrative costs, maximise time spent and may require specialised intervention hampering productivity. Additionally, there is the possibility of in-house HR not hiring optimally which can also have direct unwanted impact on business – both internally and externally.

Why Us

Why deal with bad hires every time, when a permanent staffing agency who understands your needs can get the right resource?

ABN Tech Corporation’s Permanent Staffing Solutions give you exclusive access to talented, qualified and pre-screened individuals across industries. Underlined by a foolproof process, our resources are properly whetted and matched against your specific requirements, with transparency and commitment undertaken into every aspect of the process. Our large team of expert in-house consultants helps your company achieve its business objectives. As our clients, you get access to the best candidates, in the shortest span possible with quick turnaround times.

While the core business is what you should focus on, your staffing problem is undertaken by professionals who’ve been doing this since many years thus saving you precious time, resources and money. Our professional recruiters will find the right employees for you either for your new projects, increase in staff strength of existing ones or to plug employee numbers.

Permanent Staffing

requires matching of the right resource with the right skills to the right job profile. By finding the right talent for your business, you reduce the possibility of business interruptions while accessing the expertise of individuals who lend to your growth.

  • Save up on HR or administrative costs during recruiting
  • Reduce time spent on matching skill sets with the role as per business requirements
  • Increase productivity without business interruptions
  • Hire good talented candidates who know what they are doing
  • Hire skilled candidates based on expertise, shared values and with a focus on organizational growth

What We Offer

ABN Tech Corporation offers permanent staffing solutions that cover the end-to-end of the hiring process. Before finding the right hire for you, we undertake detailed study of the industry and your organization to find the right talent.

As leaders in staffing solutions, we use tried and tested processes to match the candidate and their expertise with your company. With our large network of recruiters across industries, we use a mix of consultative and specific strategies to hire people that are the right fit for your company’s needs and its business culture. Our streamlined and optimized sourcing format minimizes costs that are often incurred when recruiting in-house, onboarding and training employees.

Our Approach

Assessing your requirements

Designing a staffing solution for you begins by understanding the client – you. We first assess your business, understand its long term and short term objectives, the company culture, background and the roles you require to fill. Whether in-person or over a call, we do a thorough mapping of the roles and responsibilities you want a candidate for.

Salary Consultation

The industry experience intelligence puts us in a unique position to assist you in salary negotiations in line with industry aligned contract-to-hire requirements. We do this by first understanding the depth of expertise and relevant salary match and then work closely with in-house professionals to close negotiations that can benefit us mutually.

Customizing a recruitment plan

Upon gathering all the necessary details, we tailor a recruitment plan that fits into your needs. We dig into our pool of professionals to identify the right fit for your business. This is done using personal networks, strategic alliances and contacts at organizations across industries.

Finalizing the job offer

During the final process, we help you with the final job offer, help with negotiations, any ongoing follow-up process with the candidate and ensure that on-boarding goes ahead without a hitch till the final offer letter is released.

Shortlisting candidates

Upon identifying a few candidates that fit the requirements, we begin with customized interviews to continue the shortlisting process. Background checks, together with verification of work history, personal references and matching soft and hard skills are conducted. The most suitable candidate profiles from here are forwarded to you where we work alongside to select the best and finalize the offer.

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