ServiceNow Solutions

ABN TECH Corp provides integrations, custom development, implementation, and support for products on ServiceNow. We offer modern, fast, and cost-effective ways to merge ServiceNow into another instance of ServiceNow, an existing ERP program, SAP, JIRA, and WORKDAY. Our methods also encourage practices in data replication without any hassle.

Our organization has a highly motivated squad of skilled and forthcoming workers. We deliver a competitive and specialized level of services that enable us to tailor according to the needs of our clients. Customers can reach ABN TECH CORP with any ServiceNow integration requirement, whether it is customization, application development, or maintenance, and we will offer a perfect solution for all your needs.

ServiceNow Integrations

Organizations will fully integrate business processes through HR, regulatory, accounting, recruitment, sales, communications, and facilities divisions with real-time and bidirectional ServiceNow connectivity with the on-premise network. This automates critical business processes and shortens development cycles, improves customer satisfaction, and raises sales. This also offers a higher ROI and a more efficient set of metrics for real-time monitoring of your business.

ServiceNow Data Replication

Data Replication is a standard solution to meet the criteria for data incorporation. Disaster recovery and business continuity, local backup, offload reporting, and business intelligence are the most important benefits of data replication. If the primary source fails, replication can be automatically substituted in for the targeted server. Control the data even when your service provider for the internet or cloud platform is not accessible.

ServiceNow-Application Development

Our large team of experienced experts will give you what you need, whether it's architecture and design guidance, technical development and installation services, or some sort of controlled support services. We excel in the art of customization of the product according to the desires of our customers. Customers can contact us with any software integration request, whether it is customization or application development, and we will offer the highest level of professionalism to provide them with what they want.


We offer robust, flexible software that lets you cut costs fast, reduce risk, increase company efficiency, and fuel creativity in IT. We provide full-service approaches to suit your needs, from battle-tested deployment methods to continuing post-implementation assistance.

Solid Solutions

What We Offer

We provide preconstructed implementations for many Bi-Directional / Uni-Directional and Real-Time / Batch Mode integrations.


Bi-Directional and real-time. Incident, SR or any module


Synchronize your ADP with ServiceNow


Bi-Directional data synchronization with TFS


Most used integration, synchronize your bugs,task etc


Save your ServiceNow data in Oracle/MS SQL or MYSQL

ABN Tech has built the expertise and knowledge base for its QA specialists in digital QA to help companies identify QA problems and set up or reshape project processes to ensure the consistency is achieved at each level of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We study and refine current QA processes for a commodity, a project, or a business as a whole.