Temporary Staffing

Temporary or contact staffing is crucial in today’s times. Accessing the right resource purposefully with the best kind of expertise helps you save time, money and increases productivity. It also helps rapid scaling up during peak demand time, without any slowing down of work. The right people for the right positions in the right way ensures your workforce is enhanced, skill gaps are plugged for your business without getting into the basics of recruiting the right kind of resource.

Why Us

Why settle for less, when the best temporary staffing agency can take care of your needs?

ABN Tech Corporation are underlined by quality, transparency and commitment and this translates into providing exceptional temporary staffing consultants who are accountable and responsive tailored to your business needs. The staffing solution we provide comprise highly trained, expertly qualified personnel screened for proficiency and talent, by in-house temporary staffing agents. A range of behavioral tests and varied skill assessments are carried out to ensure you get the right temporary staffing fit for your business. Every candidate selected by us, is measured according to 3 sets of categories.

Fit for the Job –

Personal characteristics, Skills, Working hours, Motivation, Specific Requirements

Fit for the Boss –

Assertiveness, Accessibility, Management Style, Reporting Structure

Fit for the Company –

Communications, Culture, Core Business, Expertise, Physical Environment.

Our deep expertise

as global IT service providers have had us partner with some of the leading organizations of the world. In addition to modern technology consultations, we also offer end-to-end services around:

  • Plug into the business ecosystem seamlessly with the necessary expertise
  • Help give your business the impetus it needs to achieve desired goals
  • Save expenses on fixed payroll costs, costs after a salary hike or probation, administrative and overheads.
  • Boosts productivity and morale for the business, fuelling rapid scaling of emergency projects.
  • Inject new perspectives and expertise into an existing project or business

What We Offer

ABN Tech Corporation is more than just a temporary staffing company. We go beyond finding the right resource, to matching their skill sets with your requirements. As leaders in temporary-to-hire placement and direct-hire staffing agencies, we partner with every business to customize their hiring needs and maximize productivity and flexibility. Our approach to staffing is distinctive, individualized and has given us much success in workforce management solutions.

Our Approach

Time is Money

In the shortest turnaround time, we fulfil vacancies in your organisation – whether unexpected or new. Screening, interviewing, assessing, evaluating and testing all potential employees are done keeping in mind the needs of your business. Our assurance to you is providing the right kind of candidate to fulfil the job you require.

Quality is non negotiable

Our innovative means to find the right kind of candidate is dependent on identifying skill sets, values and work ethics. Our experts do the job of finding the right quality candidates at the right time in the shortest span possible.

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